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 Hi! I'm Louisa - a tutor, teacher, mother, wife, baker, knitter, and Harry Potter fan. I tutor online and blog about teens, learning, and public education. I want teens to be successful and confident in their own skills!

Organization Jumpstart

Get your teen organized for school and life. In this free course, I will guide your teen through planner use, keeping notebooks and backpacks organized,...

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Upgrade your study skills right now!

Studying Starter Kit

If you want to improve your or your favorite student's study skills, then Study Like a Genius and the Printable Student Planner will save the...

2018-2019 Student Planner

This printable student planner will help you set goals, keep track of assignments, and get.stuff.done.

Study Like a Genius

Find out HOW to study! I will walk you through multiple study strategies - how it works, why it works, and how long it takes!

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